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Coy is a progressive rock band formed in 2017 from Sugar Land, Texas. This group started out as three eager musicians with the common goal to write catchy prog-rock. Original members Aaron Nichols (Drums), Brandon Martinez (Guitar), and Kamron Conover (Bass) went on to release their first single “Beachy” on June 1st, 2018 and their second “Wish Wash” on August 17th, 2018.


They drew heavy inspiration from bands within the genre at the time, Chon being the most familiar between the three. These two songs showcased the trio’s love for technicality and groove. With the release of these singles, they set their sights on a full length album as well as the addition of some new members. Rhythm guitarist Charlie Bubenik was added in 2019, followed by vocalist Javier Neveu in late 2021. With the new lineup, Coy went on to release their next single "Transparent Soul", a cover of willow Smith's song on February 11th, 2022. 

Coy added vocalist Alexis (Lexy) Alameda in 2022 and guitarist Roberto (Nuno) Rodriguez after charlie's departure in late 2022. After 5 years of fine tuning and revisions, Coy's debut album "God Tiger" was released on January 14th, 2023. The album features Interval's bassist, Jacob Umansky, and former catbamboo guitarist, Collin Smith. 


What started out as a group of friends that met at a concert in 2017 has turned into something truly special. The stylistic nature of Coy is a melting pot between its members. Their upcoming album features several styles including djent, rock, and jazz. 


“We don’t always need lyrics to give us meaning to songs, and it’s pretty cool to see people come to their own conclusions and make their own stories with the music that we make.” -Coy

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